The human behind this site is me—Angie. I love the outdoors especially hiking and running. I am originally from Puerto Rico, but now call Minnesota my home. When I am not on the trails or relaxing at home, I work as an Administrative Assistant at a hospital. I have crazy taste in music, love reading (although I have a love/hate relationship with electronic reading devices), I am torn between which I like more—tea or coffee, and so much more. I am a complex creature. But one thing anyone who knows me can tell you about me: I LOVE DOGS!

In March of 2019 I adopted a precious 5 year-old wheaten terrier named Riley, after losing my 17 year-old wheaten Jack. He has brought out so much joy and happiness after the crushing experience of losing my boy to old age. The thing about rescuing senior dogs is that you forget the energy level and rambunctiousness that younger dogs have. Riley has all that plus the hilarious traits of a terrier.

Riley-bear, as I call him, is one of those dogs who exude joy and playfulness. We are working through some anxiety and behavioral issues, but that does not take away from his personality. He is a happy dog! After the sadness of the past six months, he has brought so much laughter and happiness, and at times frustrations that are short lived because he just wants my love and affection, and I am more than happy to be the recipient of that unconditional love.

And it is this personality that has already taught me something, just as I have learned with all of my other dogs. In two months that he has been with me, Riley has shown me the power of living in the now, about being joyful in the current circumstances. And so I am letting that lesson soak in. When I am not at work, I am taking crazy with me to enjoy the outdoors. So whenever the weather permits, we are hitting the road and going on adventures. He loves the outdoors and there is a road out there made for us. So we are taking it. Do you want to come with us? Join us!